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About TechForce Foundation Techs Rock Awards_STAR



The Grand Prize Winner will receive his choice of a $1,000 TechForce Foundation tuition scholarship to apply towards his post-secondary technician education or a sponsored Snap-on® tool voucher of equal value.

Each of the 10 finalists will receive a Snap-on tool voucher sponsored by Snap-on, a gift certificate to Cengage's online educational library sponsored by Cengage Learning, and an Haynes Online Manual sponsored by Haynes North America. Congratulations to the 2019 FutureTechs Rock Awards finalists!


Miranda_Jonathon_Automotive-1Automotive Student
Ohio Technical College

From Jonathon's nomination:

"Jonathon has long demonstrated a passion and excellence for a career as a technician. During highschool he was active in Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Building competitions, earning a large amount of scholarship money which allowed him to continue his education at Technical College. As a Technical College student he takes his training seriously and puts in the effort to go the extra step.

Through his 18-month automotive program Jonathon has maintained perfect attendance, earned honor roll six times and earned all A's in his Associate Degree academic classes, separate from his technical coursework.

Jonathon is a member of his school's Student Leadership Council, where he serves as a role model and mentor, welcomes new students to campus and volunteers during on-campus events. He also volunteers as a judge with Hot Rodders of Tomorrow, SEMA and has served as lead judge for Piston Power Show's high school engine building competition."

 In his own words:

"I am honored to have been nominated for this award. My commitment and love for this industry is huge! Whether it's being at school or at work, I love everything I do. I participated in several skills competitions... I have been able to help others at school with what I have learned. I cannot wait to continue my education... I am very happy that someone has noticed my hard work, dedication and love for this industry!"




Adkins_Ryan_Automotive-2Automotive Technician Student
Collins Career Center

From Ryan's nomination:

"Ryan is driven, motivated, and eager to learn and work. He is currently working full time as a lube tech, having beat out all other students for the opportunity to work in a dealership. In his spare time Ryan repairs and resurrects scrapped vehicles, and recently rebuilt a 4-wheeler from the ground up.

Ryan has attained all of his Youth ASE certifications, is currently taking manufacturer training at his high school and is enrolled in training with his dealership to get a head start in the field.

Ryan also volunteers in his community, providing auto services to senior citizens and other neighbors, feeding the homeless with a local food bank and supporting others with Meals On Wheels. He is a stellar example to his peers and his family could not be more proud of the man he has become."

 In his own words:

"I have a true passion for the auto technician field and a desire to expand my knowledge and be the best, most honorable technician I can be. I have always believed in the value of hard work and have continued to maintain employment throughout my high school years. I am currently employed at a dealership as a lube technician and have a desire to expand my knowledge and skills by attending a post-secondary school in July."

Welding & Machining Student
Fallbrook High School

From Felyciti's nomination:

"In just one short year Felyciti has made her mark at her highschool's metal shop. Her accomplishments in all facets of metal shop as well as her determination to continue learn and improve has thoroughly impressed her instructors. Since starting metal shop in her junior year, Felyciti, now a senior, has stepped up to guide the less experienced students in her class by assisting and teaching them concepts and skills.

Felyciti has also established herself as one of the best TIG Welding students in her State, by placing at a recent state-wide SkillsUSA Competition. Her skills include machining parts and many different processes of welding. Felyciti has worked hard since first starting shop class last year, to become a very skilled, talented young woman in the technical fields of Welding and Manufacturing."

 In her instructor's words:

"Felyciti possesses a unique combination of skills that encompass and demonstrate an understanding and ability to use mathematics, design, fabrication, welding and machine shop knowledge, putting her in the position of being able to not only understand the concepts behind creating, engineering and manufacturing, but also how to apply those concepts and do the work of manufacturing."

Collision Repair Student
Wake Forest High School

From Wyatt's nomination:

"Wyatt has a passion for Collision Repair. He has taken all three Collision Repair courses at his highschool, and worked to create a Collision Repair Club at the school as well. Wyatt has not missed a single class, and was recently awarded the Outstanding Senior Award by his High School.

An Eagle Scout, Wyatt donates many hours each week after school to the club he helped create, and is playing a major role in the creation of the school's first ever Motor Show.

Wyatt displays good character, respect and responsibility to himself, his teachers and his peers. He is genuinely interested in learning, helping others and always does so in a positive manner. His ideas, desire to learn and leadership abilities make a real positive impact on his peers and his school."

 In his own words:

"I am hardworking, hands-on, and eager to learn. Over the last four years I have had the chance to take classes in automotive collision repair as well as learn more about engine repair. I have encouraged more of the student body to take these classes as well. I feel strongly that I am meant to follow a path in the [collision] repair industry. I am honored to be nominated for this award..."

Collision Repair Student
Gateway Community College

From Riley's nomination:

"Riley demonstrates an excellent work ethic which continues even when no one is watching. He took it upon himself to finish all I-CAR course work early, so that he could enroll in additional courses. Additionally, upon learning about SEMA Show 2019 Riley took it upon himself to self-enroll in I-CAR classes being held at the event and paid his own way to the show.

Riley has a passion for collision repair, and plans to work in the industry as a refinish technician in a retail shop. His dedication to working in retail collision repair is rock solid- he even passed up a few opportunities in custom and restoration shops to pursue his passion.

Despite working a 40 hour job, Riley has maintained near perfect class attendance. On the rare occasion when he misses any hours he immediately makes the time up, coming in early or sacrificing a lunch break. In addition, Riley completes his courses with high marks and a good attitude."

 In his own words:

"I have a great work ethic, show up on time attitude and feel like I will have a major impact on the collision repair industry. It's been tough going to school [with] a job, but I'm willing to do anything to be [a] successful technician in the industry."

Salo_Noah_Diesel-1Diesel Technician Student
Joliet Public School

From Noah's nomination:

"Noah is a tenacious individual with a passion for building, researching, developing and fixing anything and everything.

Since 8th grade Noah has participated in Mechanics competitions, always scoring in the top 5 and winning 1st place as an individual several times. He has maintained high honor roll throughout middle and high school, and is a member of the National Honor Society, his local 4-H Group and Future Farmers of America (FFA). In his spare time Noah has organized fundraisers to help families with medical bills, participated in highway cleanups and community projects honoring veterans and is currently the President of his FFA Chapter and past President of his 4-H group.

Noah purchased and restored his first car, a 1999 pickup, including new paint, engine and exhaust work and specialty tuning equipment by teaching himself. His goal is to own and manage his own shop, so that he can give back to his community even more."

 In his own words:

"I am a hard worker and have a true passion for the [transportation] industry. I dedicate my extra time to learning and increasing my skills and knowledge about the automotive and diesel industry. This award will... help me pursue my long term goals and accomplish my dreams."

Motorcycle Student
Schuylkill Technology Center

From Aaron's nomination:

"Aaron takes his education in the Outdoor Power Technology class very seriously, striving to learn as much as he can about this trade. His passion for Harley Davidson led him to apply for an internship at a local Harley Davidson dealership, where he impressed the service manager to the point that Aaron was offered a paid position with the dealership.

Aaron has distinguished himself in his instructors eyes as a standout student. Not only does he have a strong work ethic, Aaron also possesses important soft-skills which allow him to make an impression on everyone he meets. Aaron is a member of the National Technical Honor Society, maintains perfect classroom attendance, and has earned a spot competing at an upcoming SkillsUSA state level champion in Motorcycle service technology."

 In his own words:

"I believe I'm deserving of this award [because I am] Highly motivated to be successful... Self-disciplined... Motivated to learn [and]... Open to helping others"

Diesel Technician Student
Delgado Community College

From Liam's nomination:

"Liam is not only a good student, but is a genuinely good human being. He is always courteous, continuously tries to build his classmates up, and presents himself as a professional. Whether helping his classmates with web assignments or helping instructors clean the shop, organize tools and recruit students, Liam always volunteers to lend a hand without being asked.

Liam was recommended for advance training by his father and his supervisor at the dealership where he works. A well rounded student, Liam is a Life Scout and is certified in all Adobe and Microsoft programs. Every weekend Liam travels 200 miles to his home town to work, and 200 miles back to school, arriving on time for his Monday class. In both highschool and college Liam has never missed a single day of class."

 In his own words:

"...[I] had no experience as a technician prior to college, and, in less than a year, I rose from changing oil to swapping engines. I now work as a diesel technician trainee. I've had only one [unhappy customer], therefore I believe I work very efficiently and accurately. I've never missed class and I never miss work."

Automotive Technician Student
Kankakee Area Career Center

From Angelle's nomination:

"Angelle is a leader for the automotive technology program at her school. She has worked hard to promote the program in several ways: she leads the 8th grade Career Options Day and has been a part of Sophomore Recruitment Day both years she has been a student at her school.

A distinguished student, Angelle has near perfect attendance and an A average in her coursework. She has been named student of the quarter, is on the student advisory council at the Career Center, and has earned NTHS awards for her studies.

Angelle won first place for Cars Under the Stars at the Momence car show, and first place at her SkillsUSA regional conference job interview competition. Further proof that she is a well rounded member of her campus, Angelle also competed at the state level and won numerous awards for cheer. She currently works as an intern at a local dealership."

 In her own words:

"I am very passionate about my future goals of going into the auto tech field and have taken many opportunities to proceed forward to my overall end goal of getting involved with high performance racing... I have been student of the quarter, am a representative on the CC Student Advisory Council, and helped recruit students on 8th Grade Day as well as Sophomore Day. I take up as many challenges that I can in order to learn new skills... When I help others learn and accomplish new tasks, I see their confidence grow and it is a [great] feeling knowing they're improving."

Yepez Cervantes_Antonio_Automotive-1
Automotive Technician Student
Ventura College

From Antonio's nomination:

"Tony's passion for automotive began by taking an automotive class out of curiosity. He has since immersed himself in his college's T-Ten automotive program, secured several ASE, S/P2 and NC3 certifications and has set a goal of becoming an ASE Master Technician by the time he completes his program. In the meantime, Tony is also pursuing an associates degree in automotive technology, in addition to his technical education.

Tony is a hard-working, ambitious, self motivated person who works well in teams. He is accountable, organized, regularly engages with industry news and has a stellar attendance record and GPA.

Tony is not only interested in self-improvement. He is genuinely enthusiastic about leading and teaching others. He stays after classes just to help other students struggling with a concept. His patience and ability to explain things in both layman and technical terms are impressive."

 In his own words:

"Understanding that many young adults have trouble finding the right career for themselves has made me realize that I have been lucky and fortunate... I've been taking courses at College and have set a goal to become an ASE Master technician before the age of 22. I am currently an ASE Certified Technician with 4 ASEs to my name and will soon be taking two more. This is the beginning of my journey..."