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About the Learning Style Quiz

Why take this quiz?

This quiz will help you identify how you best absorb knowledge, and will provide tips on how you can use your individual learning style to succeed in the right education and career path for you!

What is a learning style?

Everyone has their own learning style. Some people learn better by watching a task performed, whereas others gain understanding by doing it themselves.

How long is the quiz?

The quiz is 20 multiple choice questions, and takes about five-minutes to complete.

What will the quiz tell me?

This easy multiple-choice quiz will tell you:

  • Your dominant learning style
  • Useful learning and studying tips/tools
  • Characteristics and habits of your learning style
  • How your strengths in learning could lead to a future career in the transportation industry

How will you use my information?

We will use your contact information to send you your quiz results, and to record how many people take the quiz. If you have questions you can find our privacy policy here>>

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