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About the Partnership

WD-40® Brand and Advance Auto Parts have partnered with TechForce Foundation® on a scholarship program to support a new generation of trade professionals.

The world is currently facing a critical, skilled trades labor shortage, with nearly five jobs for every new tech school graduate. The scholarships will help aspiring trade professionals, especially those with deep financial need, get the technical education needed to be workforce ready. 

With the RevUp campaign, WD-40 Brand will donate $25,000 to TechForce Foundation, helping to fund 40 scholarships for those pursuing a career in skilled trades and in need of financial support. Scholarship recipients will also receive additional resources and career development opportunities. This will take place Dec 30, 2021 – Feb 16, 2022. To participate visit Advance Auto Parts online or at a store near you.

Learn more about the technician shortage and how you can help solve it in the exclusive interview below.

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In addition to a $2,500 scholarship from WD-40 Brand, The Humble Mechanic will match that to create a $5,000 scholarship as part of the RevUp campaign.

Help Tech Students
with Critical Financial Needs

Your donation supports students with critical financial needs. TechForce receives more than 6,000 student requests for support every year. We've found that something as small as a $200 unexpected expense can entirely derail a student's education and cause them to drop out. The students we support are typically working one or more part-time, minimum wage job while pursuing their education and 20% are veterans. Any donation you can make helps. Your tax-deductible donation will reduce the financial burden and support men and women pursuing stable and rewarding careers in the trades.

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Curious if a Technician Career is for You?

Your learning style might tell you if a tech career is right for you. Everyone has their own learning style. Some people learn better by watching a task performed, whereas others gain understanding by doing it themselves.

Take TechForce Foundation's Learning Style Quiz to reveal your individual learning style! Once you know how you best absorb knowledge, we'll provide tips on how you can use your learning style to succeed in the right education and career path for you.

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